3 Reasons to relocate to another city after college


Moving to a new city, to unfamiliar surroundings and new people, can be an intimidating experience. Without watchful eyes, you can begin to discover your own personality that is freed from the expectation and influence of your previous social structures.

Living in a large, busy city, such as London can be a massive life experience that’s tremendously rewarding. All it takes is to pack up your dorm room find a Cheap man and a van hire in London and a flat to stay in and away you go on your new life journey.

It really is that simple, a decision can be done on a dime when you are young, your track record is just starting and the world is your oyster. Moving to a city right out of college will expose you to a lot more opportunities than moving back to your old family home and neighbourhood.

Our growth in life is directly proportionate to our challenge and support we face in the decisions and actions of our lives. So, by moving back to your old neighbourhood, you are in essence retreating to your comfort zone and when you are in your comfort zone, you will face less challenges that offer growth and less opportunity as a result.

  1. You find independence

Being out on you own in a strange city takes courage and fortitude. Since you are now outside of your comfort zone and exposed to the challenges of life, you will most likely either develop a spirit of resolve that learns how to think, feel and act for yourself, or you will cower up into your shell and retreat back to your previous comfort zone.

Relax, it’s not that hard to get yourself set up and independent. The key is to establish an income source early on, the sooner your cash-flow is self-sustaining and independently earned by you, then you will begin to experience what is possible from your efforts of producing in the economy and the rewards you receive for your labour.


  1. Open your world-view

Once you have overcome the hassle of moving to the big city by finding a Small removal London cheap service to get you from your dorm room to your new flat, or commune, its time to meet new people and expand your social circle in a new environment. Search around the local publications and news boards for groups or activities that you may enjoy, join a team or a club of the sport of your choice and get involved with the community. This is the fastest way to build a new base of friends that become your new support structure in your new chosen home.


The final thought

Don’t think of moving to a new city as a fearful task, think of it as a new beginning where you can shape the life you choose, free from any social and peer pressures of the past. Moving to a new city after college gives you the opportunity to put your newly learned skills to the test as you enter the workforce and begin to contribute to the economy and society as a productive member of humanity.

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