8 Great Tools to Hire for Your Next DIY Project

Purchasing tools can be expensive and often unnecessary if you only use them every so often. If you fancy having a go at a DIY project in your home or garden, then why not hire tools instead? In this article we will talk you through eight great tools to hire for your next DIY project.


Fed up of your old flooring? Sand it down and re-varnish it!

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1. Floor sander

If you have old floorboards in your home that need renovating, then you will need access to a high quality floor sander. By using a floor sander you can remove old finishes and decorative stains, as well as any imperfections the flooring has. Once you have sanded down your existing floorboards you can re-paint, polish or varnish them, depending on the look you are going for. Floor sanders typically cost around forty pounds to hire out for a couple of days.

2. Spray unit

If you are planning on painting a large area of your home or something like a garden fence or shed, then you may want to consider using a spray unit. There are many different types of spray units available to hire, but if you are a novice, it is best to use an airless sprayer. Using an airless sprayer you will be able to cover the surface in paint within minutes, saving you a lot of time, effort and mess!

3. Wallpaper stripper

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to remove wallpaper from the walls of your house then it is best to use a wallpaper stripper. This simple tool uses water to penetrate and soak the wallpaper, making it easy to remove. It is recommended that you prime your wallpaper, prior to stripping it, by using a perforator. You should be able to hire a high quality wallpaper stripper for less than twenty pounds.

4. Floor tile lifter

If your DIY project involves pulling up vinyl tiles, old carpet or remove adhesive from your floorboards, then you will need to hire a floor tile lifter. Most DIY tool rental companies provide both heavy duty and light duty tile lifters, ensuring there is something to suit both small and big projects. Floor tile lifters typically cost around sixty pounds to hire for forty eight hours.

5. Wallpaper perforator

Those planning on hiring a wallpaper stripper to remove wallpaper would also benefit from hiring a wallpaper perforator. This handy little tool is excellent for priming walls. The little spikes on the tool penetrate the wallpaper, making it easier for the water to soak in when using a wallpaper stripper.

6. General purpose saw

If you are looking to complete a number of DIY projects and are working with a variety of different materials, then it may be best to hire a general purpose saw. This type of saw is very versatile as it is suitable for cutting wood, soft concrete blocks, plasterboard and other materials. General purpose saws are extremely easy to control and are a much safer alternative to chainsaws.

7. Door trimming saw

If you have just laid down a new carpet or flooring then you may find that your door no longer opens and closes with ease. In order to get it sitting flush again you will need to hire a door trimming saw. This type of saw is excellent for accurately trimming doors. You do not even have to remove it from its hinges – it’s that easy to use! Door trimming saws usually cost around thirty five to forty pounds to hire over a couple of days.

8. Worktop jig

Those planning on having a go at fitting new worktops in their kitchen or bathroom will need to hire a worktop jig. These fantastic cutting tools are excellent for accurately slicing worktops and cutting out holes for permanent fixtures like sinks.


Wallpaper strippers make it much easier to remove old wallpaper from your walls.

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There is no reason why you should have to splash out on tools that you are only going to use every now and then. Just search online for your local hire shop (e.g. Tool Hire Brighton) and you’ll be surprised at the low rental prices available for expensive equipment.


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