All you need to know about concrete raising

c1Is your home or business suffering from sunken concrete issues? Don’t worry, this is a fairly common theme in construction. Sinking concrete can do horrendous things to the value of your real estate, bringing it down due to the unattractive visual state of the property. Sinkholes can also offer health and safety hazards that can open up you or your company to legal issues should anyone become injured on your property.

Concrete raising is your best option to ensure that your structure returns to its intended design. Sinking concrete can cause a number of extensive problems such as weakened foundations and support structures, you can now avoid all of this with concrete raising services that use the latest technology to restore your concrete to level.


Out with the old

Previously, contractors used to use a method of concrete raising called ‘Mud-jacking’. This process involves injecting a grout mixture, under pressure, into the sunken areas under the concrete. This fills the holes and returns the concretes surface to level by essentially building another foundation that the concrete can sit on.

In with the new

This process and its technology has now become outdated and has been replaced by polyurethane foam injection. Foam is injected into the void or hole beneath the concrete floor. As the foam expands it lifts the concrete back to its original level. The foam is delivered with a gun that disperses the foam and allows for the injection site to stay clear, providing you with the ability to correctly adjust the concrete level to prevent over or under raising.

Using polyurethane foam as the medium to restore the concrete level comes with a few other advantages over the traditional ‘mud-jacking’ repair system. Foam is lighter, weighing up to fifteen times less than traditional mud or slurries used. This means that it creates less stress on the failed area. It also is a lot cheaper than ‘mud-jacking’ and there is no waiting around for the new concrete or grout to settle and cure. The foam cures itself in a matter of minutes, giving you more control of the concrete raising and a faster turnaround time for the job.

Polyurethane technology for concrete slab stabilization has become increasingly popular due to its ability to expand slowly and provide minimal expansion strength. The foam fills the void under the slab slowly and effectively, allowing you to control the raise at a pace that ensures perfect, level stability for your slab.


Other uses for polyurethane foam filling

Polyurethane foam injecting is primarily used for leveling sunken concrete floors; however, it can be used in a multitude of other maintenance and repair tasks. Voids in walls, roofs, and floors are now easy to fill and strengthen to their original specifications and dimensions.

Cost effective repair

Compared to traditional ‘Mud-jacking’ methods, using a polyurethane foam solution will save you a bundle on your budget. It is much faster and less messy, meaning that there are no expensive clean-up costs and no need for concrete or grout mixing on site. The whole process is cleaner and less expensive than the traditional method.

Use a professional

If you are in need of concrete raising, then the best piece of advice you can get is; hire a professional. It may seem easy to get the job done by yourself, but the real deal is that if you make a mistake, it can cost you a lot more to have the job re-done properly. Make sure you avoid this pitfall by hiring a reputable contractor with solid referrals and client testimonials. Using a professional service provider right from the start will ensure that your concrete raising goes according to plan and results in a complete restoration of your slab or floors foundations


Working with the right company that understands and leads the field in polyurethane foam technology, ‘mud-jacking’ is a thing of the past, so make sure you choose your contractor wisely and only work with someone that is qualified and reputable.

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