powerE3 Power is a company serving the Denver metro area that offers Colorado energy audits. The company uses diagnostic analysis testing to provide economic energy saving solutions that can help their customers increase their health, safety, the durability of their building, their comfort and more.


The company can audit your home with diagnostic testing by using infrared scanning, duct air tightness testing, combustion appliance safety and efficiency, blower door testing and more. They can also check the interior and exterior of the building, as well as spot any health and safety issues. Lastly, they can use numerical analysis to analyze your utility bill.


To schedule your audit, visit E3 Power online and click the “get started today” button to schedule your audit. You can also visit E3 Power at 1616 17th Street Suite 383, Denver, Colo., 80202; call 303-292-1233; or email

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