Autumn Hints and Tips for Gardeners from DIY Matters

With the new season underway experts at DIY Matters have some helpful advice for those who want to get the best from their gardens in Autumn.

Autumn is a mellow time for gardeners.

Seed-heads and berries may look their best but the changing colour of leaves signals the beginning of the end of the growing season.

Your garden is about ready to settle down for it’s long winters sleep. So autumn can be time for gardeners to take time off.

Summer can be damaging to soil and now is the perfect time to replenish it for next year.

Most plants, especially food producing ones, need fertilised soil. And the best way to do this is to dig some well rotted manure into the ground.

Give your lawn an autumn feed. This will help it to withstand the winter months and get a good start for next year. And it’s a good idea to check for leaves.

Rake them up before they become too much to cope with – and place them in perforated bin liners to create leaf mould for the following year. This creates an excellent soil
Autumn, unfortunately, comes with bad weather. Heavy rain and winds can damage the garden – so make sure everything is secure and that nearby plants cannot be damaged.

There are more delicate flowers in the garden that look great in summer, but will suffer greatly in Autumn.

Make sure they have some cover.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a gardening fabric such as DIY Matters’ Frost Protection Fleece. Or you can bring them into the shed or greenhouse.

Plan ahead for next year and plant spring bulbs. Combine snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips for a succession of colour from February to April.

Autumn is the best time of the year for planting trees and shrubs. The soil is warm allowing trees and shrubs to become well-rooted.

As the season gets closer to winter, it’s best to increase your plant stock and thin out overgrown plants by dividing herbaceous perennials.

Deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers will not be affected by by the cold – so this is an excellent time to plant them.

DIY Matters supplies range of landscape fabric, which also includes – weed control fabric and general garden membrane.

Weed membrane and landscaping membrane are vital to maintaining a healthy garden.

DIY Matters was set up as a subsidiary to one of the largest importers of garden fabric in the UK – giving it unique access to some of the world’s most effective landscape fabric.

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