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logoThere are a lot of collectable items you can invest your time and money in, and some of them deteriorate over time without proper care. That’s why the people at RugSpa are the go-to specialists when you need your imported rug cleaned and maintained with the utmost care and gentle handling available today.

A great rug really pulls a room together, and can be as understated or loud as you’d like. Most people don’t ever pay attention to what they’re standing on, which is why RugSpa not only has years of experience in rug cleaning but repair, too. Everything from Oriental, silk, Persian and antique rugs come under their specialized guidance and can be restored to their original colorful, handmade beauty for a fraction of what it would cost to replace the original beauty.

Because RugSpa is dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience, they offer free estimates on cleaning and repair for your delicate items When you contact them via email on their website, you’re guaranteed to hear back within a day from the owner of RugSpa himself, Richard Kirishian. Now that is personal service that can’t be beat!


carpetCleaning services include deep cold water immersion, hand cleaning and personal washing and rinsing by the finest experts in the industry. The types of rugs that RugSpa cleans include machine-made; tufted wool with cotton backing; rugs made with special types of material, such as animal skin or silk; and those handmade by artisans – something that truly can’t ever be replaced. If the rug is special to you and holds valuable memories, if it’s something you’d like to pass down to your children to keep in the family, then it’s definitely worth cleaning and taking care of the best way you know how.

The process is easy: get a quote, approve the quote, and wait for your free rug shipping sleeve to arrive. Pack your rug according to their care instructions, and they will make all arrangements for shipping and transport. Easy and simple to do, then you just relax and wait on your rug to be returned in pristine condition. RugSpa is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means they care how you feel about your rug once it’s returned. If it’s not up to your standards when you receive it back in your care, they will refund your cleaning price 100%; that’s why their service is superior to others, and they have hundreds of satisfied clients all across the globe.


Here are just a few reasons why you need to hire the services of a professional rug cleaners.




Depending on the type of carpeting you have, you may find that it requires a professional to clean. They will over time collect lots of dust and dirt and more often than not conventional home cleaning equipment can’t remove this dirt. Also worth nothing is you may damage these carpets in the process if not done by professionals.


Types Of Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional carpet cleaners use several different methods to clean your carpet depending on how dirty it is and what material it is made from. Some procedure use hot water to extract dirt and debris, while others include dry cleaning. There are also lots of techniques available to remove pet stains and odors, disinfect and sanitize, and treat and removing stains.


carpet2Typically, your carpet cleaning company will begin by professionally vacuuming your floors, and apply a chemical treatment that will loosen dirt and debris for easy removal. Next, they will steam you carpets to deeply penetrate the fibers to the roots and extract all build-up located there. Finally, your professional carpet cleaning company will apply a stain protector. Then it typically takes around 24 hours to dry.


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