FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHTIt is important for you to choose the best quality of fire rated downlight for your house, which will go with your room and house. Purchasing the down light is very easy and you will be able to get the best quality of down light just visit the website. As the name says fire rated, the lights helps preventing the fire with all the safety measures are installed in the lighting system. The materials used in making the lights are of intumescing materials. The best thing about the material is that after certain temperature, the material expands at the ceiling and prevents fire. This is the best type of down light used for the protection of fire in the house.


The website offers you the lights in a discounted price with free home delivery service. The products are genuine and you will not have to think about the quality of the product. These fire rated lights can prevent from fire up to 30 minutes and gives some time to the people in the house or the building to escape. These downlights are installed in the ceiling and are able to give the good look to your house. If you order it via website, you will get the lights at discounted price.

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