Glass Fencing For Swimming Pools To Assure Safety

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Glass fencing is the novel addition that is a new to conventional fencing and it can be applied to a swimming pool to give an aesthetically pleasing look. Fencing the pool with glass can be beneficial in various ways. Apart from being weather resistant, it also enables the owners to have obstructed view of the outside world and natural surroundings. Glass fencing for swimming pools is available in two types and they are frameless glass fencing and semi frameless glass fencing. The frameless glass fencing   is made up of toughened glass with holes integrated into it to suit the spigots which are made up of stainless steel. The edges of the glass are polished to give protection against accidents such as cuts and scratches. The semi frameless glass fencing is made up of toughened A grade glass and come with stainless steel or aluminum glazing posts.



The glazing posts are available in several types namely core drilled, in-ground and flanged. You can also install semi frameless privacy fencing for your swimming pool to avoid the prying eyes of neighbors if privacy is of utmost importance to you. Overall glass fencing is great to look at and it presents a picture of absolute luxury to the onlookers. The glass fenced swimming pool also increases the ambience of your home and give adequate protection to the swimmers from outside elements.  When you need the glass fencing make sure to pick pool glass fencing from for best quality and effective installation.


glass2Pool safety rules in Australia

You should also note down that the construction of glass fence for your swimming pool must be in accordance with the rules applied by the government agencies regulating safety standards for them. Pool safety rules in Australia is strict and failing to meet the requirement would attract fines from the concerned agencies. Failing to register your swimming pool with the Government’s pool safety register can attract a hefty amount of fine and they can range from $220 to a maximum fine of $2200. Pool registration is one of the steps taken by the government to ensure adequate safety measures for the pool and avoid cases of people drowning in them due to poor standard or absence of safety mechanism.


The laws are enforced to protect young people from drowning in the pool and avoiding serious injuries arising from such incidents. The pool barriers that are constructed around the pool must meet the norms spelled out by the housing board and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure installation of such fencing. It is also their responsibility that any damages caused to the fencing is immediately fixed or replaced with adequate parts or material to offer continued protection to the swimmers.    If you are buying a property with a swimming pool it would be wise on your part to check whether the swimming pool is registered or not. The pool safety register maintained by the government agencies would show if your pool is registered otherwise you would need to ensure that it gets registered before finalizing the deal.


glass3Pros and cons of glass fencing

Glass fencing has its highs and lows like any other construction material so you have to consider the pros and cons of glass fencing while selecting the material, design, quality and the company that is going to install the fence around your pool. Since the glass is made up of toughened glass there is no fear of it being broken unless by excessive and intentional use of force. The extraordinarily tough fasteners ensure that the fence is not broken or loosened by extreme weather conditions. It is also weather resistant and is not vulnerable to corrosion. Due to the constant presence of water laced with chlorine the conventional building materials can be easily corroded where as glass can withstand the assault without any damage or corrosion for years together. However a glass fence also has its drawbacks and one of them is the invisibility factor. It being invisible swimmers sometimes can run into the glass wall and sustain injuries. Then there is the other factor that it can get scratched if wrong material or methods are used to clean them. Glass fencing is also comparatively costlier to the conventional fencing, an astonishing $100 for each glass panel. It will also need special cleaners to keep them sparkling and transparent.


glass4However the glass fencing can significantly lift the aesthetics of your swimming pool and make it the most liked location in your home. When installing the glass fence you must ensure not only the best quality material but also the implementation of the government rules to uphold the safety of the pool.


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