How Do Bed Bugs Spread And How To Kill Bed Bugs At Home

The scientific name of bed bug is cimex lectularius and they feed on animal blood. An adult bed bug is about quarter-inch long, oval-shaped. It’s a parasite and should be avoided at all cost because it tends to multiply quickly and spread from your mattress to your clothes (mostly your innerwear because it’s warm and sweaty) and food materials. Bed bugs are well-adapted to live in human households like hotels and apartments. Beds bugs can hide in cracks of headboards, on bed frames, deep in mattresses, inside electrical outlets, as well as in your home and office furniture’s. The ideal bleeding place for bed bugs is the mattresses. They can suck your blood at night while you are asleep and you would never know their bite. The warm body and moisture of your blood helps the bed bugs to multiply quickly. One bed bug from the outside may multiply into hundreds within a month and to get rid of bed bugs is one hell of a task because you need to vacuum your entire house and use bed bug killers throughout your house.

bedbugHow do bed bugs spread? Lets have a look into the world of bed bugs. When a bed bug bites you it also generates a natural anesthetic in its blood sucking mouth, this anesthetic would sedate your skin and you would rarely realize the pain when the bug bites you. The parts of your skin in which the bed bugs bit would produce a reddish welt. Itches around the welt are also common and the welt will gets bigger and reddish whenever you do so. There may be multiple welts on your skin because the bed bugs pulls out of your skin whenever you move or turn in your sleep, it would bite you again in a different place. Rows of red, itchy welts would form in linear or clustered pattern in the areas where the bed bug has bitten you. New bite marks would appear thought your body if you do not do something to solve the problem once and for ever.





bedbug2How do you kill bed bugs at home? Prevention is better than cure and to prevent bed bugs infestation you can follow these simple tips. Avoid purchasing of second-hand furniture off the street. They may look new but there would be a reason for which the user has dumped it. On close examination you can find that the furniture (mostly sofas) is infested with bed bugs. If you need to stay at a hotel or motel during your travels then make sure that you check out the bed bug registry online to know about any reports of bed bugs in that hotel or motel. You should also inspect the mattress, sheets and headboard.

After returning from your travels, immediately inspect your luggage for any bed bug infestation; wash your cloths and bed sheets in hot water for at least 20 minutes or so. Bed bug proof mattress encasement can protect you from bed bug infestation. To remove bed bugs from your home you should vacuum your blankets, pillows, cushions and bath robes. You also need to seal any cracks in bed frames and furniture. Alcohol Kills bed bugs but not its eggs. STERI-FAB bed bug spray is also effective against bed bugs.



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