How To Apply Leather Paint

Painting the leather stuff is not as easy as it sounds to be. The leather objects are only painted with the original leather paint that too under a particular process. First of all, polish the leather from the normal brush so as to clean it well. In order to paint the leather, it is essential that the paint penetrate to the inner layers. Now, use sandpaper to remove any previous coating of paint from the surface. This will hardly take a few minutes for a sqft of leather.


The next thing is to use denatured alcohol or acetone for removing the paint coat. Apply any one of it using the soft clean cotton piece. Make sure that the leather absorbs the fluid. This is followed by the polishing the leather surface with sandpaper to peel of any leftover paint coating. After the leather has been dried off, you can apply the leather paints in thin coatings.


Remember that several thin coatings are more durable than one thick coat over the leather. Also, allow the leather to absorb the paint before you apply the next coat. Once you have applied 5 to 6 layers of paint, it will be a perfect firm coating that will last for long.

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