How to buy Whole House Water Filter?

House Water FilterThe easiest way to improve the health and well-being of your family is to install a whole house water filter. This filter is connected directly to the main water source of the home and helps filter all water used around the house.


Buying whole house water filter, can be quite confusing for homeowners and to help you out, I have put up a list with great tips for buying whole house water filter:


How to Find Suitable Whole House Water Filter


Depending on your location, there are multiple types and brands of whole house water filters available. To make the right choice consider the following – for residents of urban areas, the whole house water filters are the best choice, for residents of rural areas, well water filter could be a suitable choice.


Consider the Contaminants in Your Water


There are companies offering water testing services and this is a great way to get vital information about the contaminants in your water. Since there are many types of whole house water filters, to choose the best one to suit your exact needs. Keep in mind that in most urban areas, city utilities are able to provide basic analysis and information for free.


Analyze Water Sedimentation


Sediments in water are among the most common reason for various illnesses and other health problems. The best solution for homeowners living in areas with high water sedimentation is to install several whole house sediment filters. Another great tip for water high on sediments is to use reusable filters, since these will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Dealing with Chemical Contaminants


Chemical contaminants require more sophisticated filtration system. The best choice in these cases is to go for granular activated carbon filter – this is the most common type of water filter and will allow you to remove around 99% of all chemical contaminants in your water.


What is the Water Flow Rate of the Whole House Water Filter?


The water filer flow rate is among the most important factors to consider when buying a whole house water filter. The top whole house water filter typically have flow rate of at least 7 gallons per minute, allowing them to maintain pressure even during the highest usage times. To get the right flow rate, consider the size of your home and also how many people are there in your household.

Choose Water Filters that Doesn’t Require Back Flushing


To be able to save money in the long run, choose whole house water filter that doesn’t require back flushing. Although useful, this feature requires additional electric parts, which are rather expensive and hard to repair.


Buy Whole House Water Filter Online


Although, you can get quality advice at the store, it’s highly recommended to buy whole house water filter online. There you will be able to compare your chosen water filter against other possible options and also many websites offer great discounts. Furthermore, when buying online, you have access to lots of reviews from other customers and you can make quick decisions when it comes to quality of your whole house water filter.

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