How to Create a Country Style Kitchen

Your kitchen is no doubt a place that you spend a lot of time in. Cooking for yourself, your family, or your guests means that you’re in the kitchen more often than not. And when you entertain, the kitchen is often the first place that people congregate. So, making sure that your kitchen is stylish, cosy, and elegant is important. But, how do you make it an inviting space? A country-style kitchen can meet all of those requirements – it’s warm and creates a nostalgic, comfortable feeling. Not sure where to start when you’re creating a kitchen with a touch of country? We’ve included some simple tips here to help get you started.

Tip #1: Furniture matters.
Furniture makes a big difference. Without the right pieces, you’re left with a boring, uninspiring space. Rustic oak furniture, such as Toulouse furniture, can be a great way to add the charm needed for traditional, country-style kitchens. When picking out furniture pieces, such as wine racks, tables, islands, serving tables, or hutches, make sure that the pieces aren’t too big for the space. This can make the area feel cluttered and narrow. A great way to add storage and rustic charm to your kitchen is through a sideboard such as Toulouse Antique Oak Sideboard from Lights and Furniture.


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Tip #2: Accents are important.
Distressed wood, shabby-chic art, and other antique or collectible items are perfect to add to a country-style space. For example, look for pieces that make it look like you brought nature inside, such as woods that have been salvaged from local farmhouses. In general, think of accents or art that can be organic or natural looking.

Tip #3: Quack, quack.
Country-style décor often features ducks, geese, or roosters. But don’t worry – you if these aren’t your favorite, that’s ok – no need to go crazy with huge bronze geese or other large artwork pieces that will overtake the space. Adding just a few touches of country with outdoor animals is easy to do. Just a few small items like painted coffee mugs such as this Hen Mug by Emma Bridgewater, hand towels, or display platters can be a great way to incorporate a bit of country into the room.

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Tip #4: Muted colors are great!
In general, country-style kitchens are light, with simple, muted colour tones. Oftentimes, you’ll just see white walls with bright colored accents. Or, if you want, integrate organic-looking wall colour such as tans, light creams, baby blue, yellows, or sage greens. All of these colours fall into the category of simple, nature-driven colours, so you can’t go wrong.

Tip #5: Choose natural-looking flooring.
Giving your kitchen a simple feel means choosing floor colours and materials that look and feel natural. Choose natural stone tiles or rustic wood flooring that gives it an outdoorsy feel.

Tip #6: Highlight original features.
Does your kitchen have unique, original features to it already, like a chimney? If so, accent that by designing around it, painting it a different colour, or repurposing it for some sort of use.  This makes the room look and feel more authentic.

Country-style décor is warm, inviting, and offers everyone who steps foot into the kitchen a unique sense of coziness. It is simplistic, yet elegant and beautiful. Because of this, traditional country-style homes and kitchens are one of the most popular styles of décor out there today!

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