Poggenpohl – The Modern and Historic German Kitchen Brand

A highly respected brand, Poggenpohl, boasts an incredibly successful history as well as a thriving business today. In a survey recorded by ‘Brand Rating’, this luxury designer claimed first place amongst German kitchen manufacturers, showing the admiration and high-esteem it has gained in its home country.


Appreciated and adored by many, Poggenpohl’s superb, modern creations continue to delight homeowners around the world. Here is a guide to this popular design brand.


An Incredible History

Established in 1892 by Freidemir Poggenpohl, this interior design brand quickly made a name for itself as a white lacquer furniture company. It fast gained success and was known for its ergonomic designs which combined practicality with style in order to make the kitchen a stress-free, relaxing place.


As the decades passed and fashions changed, Poggenpohl also altered its designs to move with the times and retain its contemporary appeal. By 1950, this luxury brand was using modern laminate handles instead of the traditional wooden ones and by 2004, during the technological revolution, Poggenpohl had launched a kitchen boasting its very own innovative entertainment system. A brand willing to evolve and experiment, Poggenpohl’s ultimate aim – to create a hassle-free, kitchen environment – has remained their prevailing focus throughout.


Poggenpohl offer some great kitchens.

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A Successful Present

Poggenpohl currently has an array of spectacular products and ranges on offer, including the luxury Porsche Design Kitchen. This exciting new design range takes much pride in its strong aluminium frames, handleless cabinets and sleek, flawless finishes. Displaying the intricate and intriguing texture of wooden cabinets or the smooth gloss finish of metallic materials, the Porsche Design Kitchen is a true modern masterpiece, which is bound to appeal to anyone with a contemporary eye.


Crisp, clear and confident, Poggenpohl’s designs are made to an extremely high standard of quality, enabling them to keep their striking and stunning appeal for years to come. Employing supremely skilled craftsmen and women from across the globe, this great brand excels in excellence and aims to perfect each and every one of its products before they become available to purchase.


Shelves and compartments are made to be durable and hard-wearing, in order to provide maximum strength and support when it comes to storage. Ensuring that work-tops and shelves are sturdy, strong and steady as well as appearing stylish is one of Poggenpohl’s top priorities. The slim-line appearance of cabinets and units certainly makes for a defined and sleek image, which humbly hides the effort, dedication and time which has been invested in crafting the products.


Think of German, think of reliability.

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A  Promising Future

Judging by its incredible history and current success rates, it seems Poggenpohl has a bright and promising future ahead. Able to evolve and adapt with the times, this luxury brand is equally as popular as some of Germany’s most prestigious names, including world-renowned brands such as Maybach and Glashütte. With an array of thrilling projects and plans in the offing, it seems homeowners have much, much more to look forward to. The best is, most probably, yet to come.



This luxury brand is truly one of a kind. Its success both historically and presently suggests that Poggenpohl will continue introducing striking products for decades to come. Boasting a range of sleek and confident designs, those looking to add a touch of contemporary appeal to the home will find a Poggenpohl kitchen is the way to do it.



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