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blind3Blinds are used to cover windows to prevent excess light filtering in to rooms and protect the inhabitants from prying eyes such as those nosey neighbors we all love. Blinds are available in several types that are made of different materials and in different systems, they are made up of wood, fabric, metal or plastic and they close or open by rotating from one position to another position by the overlapping of slats. Single piece window blinds are also available if you prefer them to the slated blinds. Blinds are also known as shades and almost all window coverings are generally known as blinds and they include roller blinds, shutters, wood blinds, honeycomb shades, horizontal and vertical blinds and roman blinds.




blindDifferent types of blinds

A roller blind is made up of single piece material and has no slats. Metal blinds are put up outside the windows of a house or a business establishment to protect them from blinding sunlight, foul weather, fire and theft. These kinds of blinds are usually operated by machines. Horizontal blinds use a woven ladder system to hang the slats and the ladder is attached to a rotating drum that engineers the closing of the blinds. The cord that comes with the blind allows it to be pulled and bunched on top of the window when it is required. The vertical type of blinds generally uses broader slats and come with the special feature of bunching the slats to one side or separates them on either side using the cord. Vertical blinds were originally invented by Fredrik Bopp and Edward Bopp of Kansas City, Missouri and the company that produced was called the Sun Vertical.  Window blind is also the term used for various kinds of window coverings and they can include jigsaw shutters, plantation shutters, roman blinds, roller blinds, horizontal and vertical blinds and they are used in shops, bars, and pubs. Awnings are also termed as blinds in the UK and blinds are called so because they blind the view from the observer.

The slated versions are the ones that are commonly referred as ‘blinds’ and the primary versions are the ones that open both ways and the ones that are solid. The solid ones are usually termed as shades and can be raised or lowered. Then there are the woven-wood blinds and Holland Blinds that have small gaps between the slats. In the pleated shades no space is provided between the slats because they are stitched into the fabric. Ancient Egyptians made blind by using reeds and the blinds made of cloths in the 19th century were the cheapest ones. Cords are used manually to close or open the blinds and now we have motorized versions that can be controlled by a wall mounted switch, remote control, keypad or a PC. This arrangement eliminates the use of cords in the blinds for windows that are out of bounds


blind2Utility of Blinds

Blinds essentially reduce the temperature and prevent hot sunrays from seeping into the rooms. They also provide security to your privacy and stops small time intrusions such as insects and small birds. Having your windows treated with blinds adds more beauty to the rooms and they also present a pretty picture to onlookers. Blinds are easy to operate and are greatly useful in offices and   business establishments as they add elegance to the interior.




Getting the best blinds in the US

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