The Double Glazing Window As An Insulator

Normal windows are designed to allow light to pass through but blocks air to pass. They are the best at this but are poor at insulation. Window panes are normally thin, and easily allow heat to pass through, hence making it hard to heat a building during winter and cool it in summer. In general, doubled glazed windows are basically, two windows in one separated by a thin layer of air. Just like other ordinary glasses, they allow light to pass but prevent the loss of heat to the atmosphere through any means including conduction, or radiation.


In a double glazed window the air is basically sealed in the centre by a frame known as a spacer, which surrounds the border of the window pane. The silicon sealant help to stop any moisture or air leakage between the window, and the presence of desiccant is to absorb any moisture that may get in. The double glazed windows should not necessarily use a specific thick glass. In most case, every pane is about 4mm wide, however with sealed air layer inside; the entire body can be about 30mm thick or at times even thicker.


The window panes somehow play a role in insulation; however the best part of the insulation in fact, comes from the trapped air. Heating molecules cause them to move faster. They conduct the acquired heat to the subsequent molecules through collision. Glass is usually good conductor of heat since it is a solid. It has tightly packed molecules hence can easily transfer heat out in of the room. On the other hand, the air in the centre is a very poor conductor of heat. The gas molecules are much widely spread as compared to solids and they are thinner. Even though heat flow through air, it takes a longer duration. The trapped air between the doubled glazed glass functions as an insulator stopping the leaking of heat in and out of the room.


There are several materials from which the double glazed windows are made. The most common type is the UPVC- the white common plastic. Some companies fix wood framed units, and many options are available to suit both aesthetic as well as financial considerations.


In case you are planning to buy double glazing window, ensure to get quotes from various companies before choosing the most suitable one. We have three quotes; a top national company, a local sole trader and a regional medium sized company. Please you can contact Loco Window and Fascias for the Double glazing derby.


In summary effective window insulation helps stops the loss of heat as well as control the surface temperature of the inner glass. Without a noticeable loss of heat through convective air flow or leakage, insulated windows (doubled glazing windows), ensure an even temperature inside the room or house, thus increasing the energy efficiency. In addition, they make it likely for heated houses to maintain a higher level of humidity, hence better quality of air, with a little risk of condensation on the window.

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