What Qualities to Look for in a Forklift Hire Company


If you have decided to hire forklift equipment rather than outright purchase it is really important to contact a reputable hire company and preferably one that’s been around for a long time. Another factor to look for in a hire company is whether or not they boast a large fleet which means they are bound to have the type of forklift you need for your business and that would fit in with your budget.


It is also essential that the company is able to tailor a rental package to suit your needs whether it’s a long or short-term contract you would envisage setting up. Below are a few questions you need to ask yourself before signing on the dotted line.



You need to know you can count on the company to offer short-term rental contracts

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Does the Company Keep their Forklifts in Top Condition?

You need to know the company you are dealing with operates to a very high standard and that they boast a large fleet of well maintained and serviced forklifts. You also need to know the company regularly upgrades all their machines so customers know they can rely on the equipment they hire. This in turn means you are getting very good value for money whether it’s on a short or long-term rental agreement.

Does the Company Boast a Large Fleet of Forklifts?

It’s important the company you rent from boasts a large fleet of forklifts that can cope with a variety of weights and reach different heights when fully loaded. This is important because you may have the odd job which requires a very specific forklift to carry out the task safely and efficiently. Again you would need to find out whether you can hire a specific forklift on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



You need to know you can hire a variety of forklifts from the company

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Does the Company Have Heavy Capacity Forklifts?

You also need to establish if the company has heavy capacity forklifts in their fleet of vehicles. This is important to know because should you ever have need of a machine that is capable of heavy duty applications, you would be able to call on them to hire the right type of forklift. This includes for container handling or for use in construction to name but two heavy duty applications where more powerful and robust truck are needed to carry out the job safely.

Are You Going to be Dealing with True Professionals?

You also need to have the peace of mind that you are dealing with true professionals who have been hiring out forklift trucks for a number of years to satisfied customers. The company should have a team of highly trained and skilled hire controllers who would be able to offer all the sound advice you need when first hiring a forklift from them. You should be able to rely on this team to organise everything from transport to the type of insurance required when hiring a forklift from the company.


Knowing that a hire company you are dealing with operates in a professional manner is essential because a forklift truck is a powerful machine that needs to be well maintained and regularly serviced to reduce the risks of accidents happening. You also need to know the company you are thinking of dealing with boasts a good range of forklifts in their fleet to suit a variety of applications, click here for more information. Should you need to hire a vehicle for a heavier application you need to know you could arrange a short-term rental on a specific forklift that s capable of doing the task safely.


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